Car Warranty in Forest Row East Sussex

Autoprotect Premier Plus Warranty

Although modern vehicles are becoming more and more reliable, the components used are becoming increasingly expensive to replace when a mechanical breakdown does occur.

Your warranty from AutoProtect is designed to help with the bills which arise when a mechanical fault requires expert repair. It will pay towards the cost of repair or replacement (parts, labour and VAT) should any covered component fail.

There is no excess & no limit to the number of claims you can make during the life of the policy.

Premier Plus

Your Premier Plus cover is the ultimate in peace of mind for the modern motorist. It covers ALL mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle against sudden mechanical breakdown. Please refer to the policy schedule for the terms & conditions and for the components that are specifically excluded.

Extra Benefits

  • Day One Cover
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Unlimited Claims
  • European Cover
  • Replacement Vehicle Hire
  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Recovery

Autoprotect GAP / RTI


GAP / RTI is a policy designed to protect your own assets following the total loss of your vehicle, i.e. protect the amount originally used to purchase the vehicle. 

An example of how RTI works

In the event your vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss, this insurance covers the difference between the total loss settlement under your motor insurance policy and the price paid for your vehicle, or if your vehicle was purchased on finance, the finance settlement amount is higher. It applies to a vehicle bought with cash or on finance. 

Let’s say you paid £18,500 for your car and it is unfortunately stolen and not recovered.
Your motor insurance provider then declares it a total loss and they value your car at £12,000 using current market conditions. The RTI insurance may payout £6,500 to ensure you receive the total originally paid for your car - it’s as simple as that!

Is there a maximum amount RTI will pay?

The claims limit is up to the invoiced purchase price of the vehicle. NB: The policy also includes up to £250 of your motor insurance excess.

Can the RTI policy be transferred if I replace my vehicle?

Yes, as long as the vehicle you replace it with comes within the price range specified in your schedule. In this case, the remainder of your policy term may be transferred to a replacement vehicle.*

Can I cancel my RTI policy in the future?

We’re confident that you’ll want to continue these policy benefits for the entire term of the agreement. However, we understand that circumstances may change, therefore, should you wish to cancel your insurance at any point, and you do not wish to transfer the policy to a replacement vehicle, this is possible. You may be entitled to a pro-rata refund on the remainder of the policy calculated monthly for each full month left to run.*

What is the maximum term of the RTI policy?

The cover is available for up to 48 months (depending on the premium paid). Please note the policy will cease earlier on the occurrence of either of the following events: a paid claim; or the repossession of the insured vehicle (if subject to a Credit Agreement). The cover is available for vehicles up to 10 years old at inception.

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